worlds best barbecue in houston Texas at the rodeo

Why this award is special

Unlike other awards where a select group of judges sample hundreds of plates of BBQ, we have hundreds of people sample the total experience. It is what you serve your guests that counts in this contest. The hospitality, food, and ambiance is all part of any great eating experience. Just having pretty food and knowing a judge or two is not enough. The true ultimate BBQ taste encompasses a lot more than making one great plate of BBQ. It entails creating that taste for hundreds of your lucky guests and blending an atmosphere of total enjoyment. That is what Great BBQ is all about. As our Grandpa use to say- You can tell a lot about a person by three things. The company he keeps, the whiskey he serves, and the taste of his barbecue. You know, Grandpa was right.

-Our hats go off to this years winners-   
United States Marines
for having the Worlds Greatest BBQ.

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Its Rodeo time in Houston Texas and all they want to do is eat Barbecue.

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